Nestlé Global: Cereal Story
When you're the world's largest food company, how do you tell the world that all breakfasts have changed?
SOCIAL 20 Second :


UK 20 Second TVC:


Swedish 20 Second TVC:


United Arab Emirates 20 Second TVC:


Ohh, and a little controversy from The Sun in the UK...


You do it with ahuge global campaign that shares some good news. No matter which Nestle cereal you choose, it's guaranteed to have wholegrain as its No. 1 ingredient, and to be free of artificial colours & flavours.

This campaign was designed to be modular, so that each of the 65+ countries could customise the messaging hierarchy, and the featured products.

It ran on TV for reach in all countries, and it also ran online, as more targeted executions aimed at very specific influencers.