Nestlé: Global Cereals Website
How do you make a global site for the biggest food company in the world?

The new Nestlé Breakfast Cereal Website. Working to make breakfast better every day.
The cornerstone of our content strategy. The site is devoted to health, nutrition, sourcing, and product information. All designed to drive the conversation about food to consumers and key opinion leaders.
Device Agnostic Responsive Design. Designed to give every user the best experience to matter which screen they use.
Content is King. We designed flexible templates that got out of the way and let the content to the talking.
Content worth craving. We put real focus on healthy recipes that inspired and extended product use. And did it with powerful imagery. 
Designed for Easy Deployment. We made it easy to localise everything from language and product range, to articles and ecommerce.
eCommerce Everywhere. We made it easy to plugin and partner with local distributors. And to make the customer journey as simple as possible. 

You make it thru close consultation and consensus building with each Nestlé region in the globe. 

You work with two agencies (one in France and the other in Frankfurt - a whole team of designers (I was creative lead), and round it out with digital strategists, UX experts, and a great commercial team. 

You create a modular design, for a global audience, who increasingly accesses information on their phones. You build it on a platform that will scale, grow and that can evolve 5+ years into the future.

You also make it very easy for 65+ countries to customise everything from their language, to their contact details, their product range, and everything in between. You also do it very slowly, and carefully over 18 months.

//A 🌾