Subway FR: Always-on Social
How do you grow a sandwich brand in the country that invented the baguette?

Facebook post: Napoleon on this was to Italy with his famous Salami, Spicy Mayo & Salad Sub. #SubwayFR #CestVousLeChef
Facebook posts: Jalapeños and Subway Star Sign. #SubwayFR #CestVousLeChef
Facebook posts: Subway is a Donald Trump free zone. His hands are too small to wrap around our amazing subs. You’re welcome... #SubwayFR #CestVousLeChef
Twitch partnership: When I get my Subway #IDGAF #SubwayFR #CestVousLeChef

You start with an always-on social strategy aimed at French teens who spend their time on their smartphones, gaming with friends and diving into the latest pop-culture.

And you finish up making jokes about famous dead people who can't sue you...