Adidas: Inbox First
Microsoft: IE Immersion Experience
Microsoft: Meet the New
Melbourne University: MBA
MotoGP: Storm The Island
Warner Bros. Movie World: Halloween Fright Night
The Big Chair: Big Jobs
Levi's: Americana
Nestlé Global: Cereal Story
Nestlé Fitness: Teach Yourself
Nestlé Fitness: Granola Launch
Cini Minis: #EpicFail
Nestlé Lion: Always-on Social
Nestlé Fitness: Always-on Social
Bavarian Bier Café: Because
GM Holden: Just For You
Solo: Beach Cricket
Levi's 501: Stay True
  Levi's: A Cut Above
P&G AmbiPur: Web Freshener
Strongbow: Strong on Ice
Ford: AR Retention Book
Ford: Get the Fiesta Out of There
Ford: Territory Postcards
Paco Rabanne: Radical Utopia Pitch
BIC 4-Color: Always-on Social
Subway FR: @SubSuggest
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